Ohio Aerial Ag is Ohio's premier Ag drone service provider.

Ohio Aerial Ag, Ohio's premier Ag drone service provider.  We utilize the latest high tech agriculture drones to fly over your fields and gather data in NDVI and ultra HD.  What is NDVI? Normalized Difference Vegetation Index.  In other words, NDVI is the health of your crops. The Data we gather can be used to generate a prescription index map of your crops to optimize treatment plans which in turn save you money.  When we scout  your fields with our drones you will be able to track the evolution of your crop resulting in a more accurate estimation of your crop and your yield potential over time. 

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of acreage we've got you covered.  Conventional methods of agricultural assessments and infrastructure inspections are very labor intensive and time consuming.  Our Ag drone can covers 600-800 acres per hour when flown at 400 feet. This is approximately ten times the coverage of a quadcopter or helicopter style of ag drone and hours saved by not scouting manually.  We do utilize smaller quad copter drones occasionally to scout smaller fields or difficult areas to fly. 

Our Ag Drone's data is compatible with John Deere's application equipment ( More application equipment manufacturers to come! ) Having informed prescription maps enables accurate treatment and higher net profits. 

 Included in the pricing is data processing and data interpretation, so you can make the best possible decision on how to move forward with troubled areas. Ohio Aerial Ag has made the process of getting you, the farmer, the data you need a seamless process whereas you can access your data any where, anytime through our secure Cloud data site.


Coming soon: Application spot spraying Ag drone services! Stay tuned

Ohio Aerial Ag's "Ag Drone" Services

Crop Management

Establishing field zones during season

Identify early onset of pest or disease

Evaluate irrigation practices

Monitor changes in field during season

Land Surveying & Inspections


Establish base-line land condition and generate perscription maps

Visually identify invasive plant species in fields

Regularly monitor land conditions

Cell phone tower inspections

Roof inspections

Wind turbine inspections

Forecasting Crop Yield

Estimate stand density and coverage

Identify stages of growth

Monitor growth rates during the season

Insurance Monitoring

Estimate weather related damage

Identify affected areas and losses

Gain proof of damage via imaging

Verify replanting and report compliance

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NDVI and Ultra HD imaging examples