Welcome to Eagle Eye Dynamics LLC!  We are an Ohio based company specializing in UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) solutions.  We are also proud to do business as Ohio Aerial Ag! Both branches utilize industry leading technologies and have 30 years of combined experience in drones and Ag operations.  This affords us the opportunity to provide our customers with unparalleled drone and data solutions for agriculture, mapping and inspections.  Our drone consulting, sales and maintenance services focus on helping your business create never before seen opportunities that integrate a fast advancing technology seamless.  Our drone repair and sales/service contracts are the best in the business and offer your business different options to get the job done all while offering the best prices available because of our direct relationships with industry leading manufacturers.

Our turn key solutions eliminate the regulatory "red tape" and licensing requirements for you and provide you with exceptional services and data without the hassle of dealing with the FAA.    Don't be fooled by  other "similar" amateur outfits out there.  Our experience and services set us apart and gives us a unequaled advantage to provide you with the best service and results. 

.  We strive for perfection and upmost customer satisfaction all while offering efficient services and cost effective solutions.

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